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Kids Infusion Clinic

The Kids Arthritis Care Infusion Clinic provides outpatient infusion services "just for kids" in a comfortable friendly environment.  

Every Infusion is Physician Supervised

Dr. Lowe is on-site and personally supervises every infusion.  This allows him to closely monitor each child's treatment plan and to quickly make adjustments, as necessary.  Each child is unique and Dr. Lowe spends  time designing customized treatment plans that best meet his patients' individualized needs.

Staffed by Highly Trained Pediatric Nurses

Our infusion nurses are specially trained to provide the highest level of care specifically for pediatric patients.

Warm Comfortable, Kid-Friendly Environment

The Kids Arthritis Care Infusion Clinic provides infusion treatments "just for kids" in a warm and comforting environment.  Patients have their choice of entertainment on a tablet or flat screen television and are provided with healthy snack options .

6817 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 101
Las Vegas, NV  89119

(702) 686-9239 (Phone)

(702) 852-0418 (Fax)

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