Overcoming Injection Fears: Teaching Kids to be Brave

Many children have a fear of injections. Those fears arise from not knowing what to expect and common misconceptions about how much it will hurt or how big the needle will be. To alleviate fears and to set your child up for a successful injection, it is important to educate your child about the injection process. Be honest and explain that it will hurt some, but that it will be over quickly. Teach them to be brave with education and peer modeling. Seeing other children bravely receiving shots can boost understanding and self confidence! YouTube has a wealth of videos to choose from. The following is a good video of a 6 year-old receiving an injection of Humira.

Should I Worry about my Child's Positive ANA Test?

A lot of parents are justifiably anxious when they find out their child has tested positive for antinuclear antibodies (ANA). However, a positive test result, by itself, does NOT mean your child has an autoimmune condition. Many, many normal individuals will test positive for this test. Symptoms of autoimmune disorders can vary widely from patient to patient, and these conditions may be very difficult to diagnose. Although a positive ANA test may assist in the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, alone it is meaningless. A reliable diagnosis can only be made after a board certified pediatric rheumatologist conducts a careful analysis of your child's symptoms, physical findings, and other labo

Being a Kid--the best treatment for amplified pain.

Amplified pain (also known as fibromyalgia) is real and it is completely treatable with hard work and dedication. The best treatment for amplified pain is for kids to get back to being kids, by returning to their pre-pain lives of going to school, sports, friends, and playing. We have many, many patients who have committed to a program of improved sleep, daily mild exercise, returning to their normal routine of school and play, and healthy eating, combined often times with physical therapy and counseling. A large majority of our patients who have consistently followed the recommended program are now mostly pain-free and have returned to their normal lives. Although these patients have occasi

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