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Being a Kid--the best treatment for amplified pain.

Amplified pain (also known as fibromyalgia) is real and it is completely treatable with hard work and dedication. The best treatment for amplified pain is for kids to get back to being kids, by returning to their pre-pain lives of going to school, sports, friends, and playing. We have many, many patients who have committed to a program of improved sleep, daily mild exercise, returning to their normal routine of school and play, and healthy eating, combined often times with physical therapy and counseling. A large majority of our patients who have consistently followed the recommended program are now mostly pain-free and have returned to their normal lives. Although these patients have occasional pain, the flares are completely manageable. The following article sheds some light on this condition and addresses some of the misperceptions. The most important message to take from this article is: "When children stop doing what they usually do — going to school or walking without assistance, for example — nerves become even more sensitive, creating a feedback loop comparable to what happens when a microphone is set against a speaker. Just as a small sound grows louder, the child’s pain is amplified....To break the cycle of amplified pain, patients must get back to doing the things they did before they lost function even if — and especially if — it hurts."

Child in cheerleader outfit

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